Future Prospects of NDT level 2 persons

Before doing NDT training you must have to know about the future of  NDT level 2 persons.
According to our opinion :-
  1. Future is not bright for a B.TECH/DIPLOMA students.Your training center/consultancy may tell you that it has Great future, You can earn unlimited in out of India bla bla bla.....Nothing like that . Just check out the salary Click Here .
  2. It is a good course for ITI or 10+2 students. The growth/future is suitable for them.
  3. The growth is too low , So, a graduate/diploma engineer must not do it.
  4. Your Training center/Consultancy may tell you that you will be QC(Quality Control)/ QA(Quality Assurance) Engineer , But stop dreaming, it is very very tough. You need at least 2-3 years experience .So, you have to lead a labour class life for 2 years.Still there is no guarantee that you can be a QA/QC engineer, only 5-10% chance.
  5. If you are a B.TECH / DIPLOMA student, the experience you gained as a NDT Level 2 worker, WILL NOT COUNTED  as a working experience in your Resume .
  6. You can do NDT Level 3 certification .But it is also very very hard . To know more details how to do NDT Level 3 , Click here.
Shocking news na ? Read more / whole blog carefully to know more about NDT scams.

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