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Today I am writing a post which is very necessary to you if you already cheated by someone. This post is how to take steps / revenge / action against a fake / fraud company. If you are thinking to take any steps legally then in my sense of view you are wrong. Reasons are- 
(i)Slow:- We everybody know that Indian System is slow. So, it may take upto 5-10 years.
(ii)Time wasting
(iii)Money wasting (for hiring a lawyer)
(iv)They can get clean chit by hiring a good lawyer.
Most imp - (v)They still continue cheating students.
(vi)They don't care until their income source is off.
So, its clear to you that taking legal action is not a good idea!
So, now the question is What we can do?
Think carefully nobody cares until their income source is off.
So, its our target to stop their income.I have two great idea here,its amazingly working! If you have any other idea you can share it to our readers, just comment it below. Now, read about the ideas below,

  1. Write bad review about them:- Go to any review site , comment on blogs/site, open a blog write each and every bad report against them. It may help other students from getting cheated by them. Thus it may reduce their income source.
  2. Spread their business phone number:-  In now a days each and every people depend on their phone. So, here our target is to stop the service of the phone numbers of the fake company/training center etc. For this we have to keep eye on them, try to visit their website,find out their advertisements, agents,then note down the phone number provided by them on the advertisements. Their business 100% depends on that numbers. Here is two trick how we can stop the service of that phone number.(i) Recharge their phone number with a minimum amount (Rs 10/-) call customer care then tell them you have lost that that number and ask them to lock it! Still they can unlock it ,but they have to face harrassment, the second option is the best (ii) Spread their phone number over whole net by giving false advertisements. Like give adv on OLX/QUIKER that you want to sell a mobile/bike a costly popular model at a low price, Put their phone number there.Search blogs (best blogspot, for list of blogspot search on Google 'yourquery blogspot', you will get blogspot list) , then comments with their name and phone number that you are giving free gprs,call, software, hacking service FREE OF COST. That is more than enough. Now they will start to get unlimited number of phone calls on their 'business' number , this will stop their business.
Thanks for reading.

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