Job Opportunity for NDT Level 2 persons

Before doing NDT Level 2 certification you have to know the job opportunity for NDT Level 2 personnel.

Job opportunity:-

There are many companies who are hiring NDT level 2 persons for Shut Down Projects .But do not expect high! your Salary range will be around 6k per month. You will be treated as a labour. Salary increment almost NIL. I know a person who is being paid 18,000/- per month by one of below company , who has 10 years of working experience.

Now here are some list of company who are hiring NDT level 2 perosns:-

1. In NDT System Pvt. Ltd. :-

You can join as NDT System Pvt. Ltd. if you have NDT level 2 certificate.No extra fees is required. But 
  1. You have to do 6 months bond with them .
  2. They will keep your original certificates at the time of bond , so you cant leave.
  3. You will be charged near 12,000/- if you want to leave the company before six months.
  4. Your will be appointed as technician/assitant technician (kind of labour frankly speaking)
  5. Your salary will be 6k-7k per month , after one year year you may get maximum 8k-9k per month.
Click Here to know more /contact about NDT Systems Pvt. Ltd.

2. In Sigma NDT Services:-

  • All almost same as above, but you will be given 3k per month at 1st three months.
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We will update this page soon , with more company list.Meanwhile Stay Tuned or Contact Us for More info.

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