Who are able to do NDT trainings?

Criteria for doing NDT Training :-

In India if you are only just a 10+2 passed from a science background with the subject (physics, chemistry, mathematics you can do the NDT training)

  1. 10+2 passed
  2. Science background
  3. Having physics,chemistry, mathematics these three subjects in 10+2.
Now , some B.Tech, B.Tech+ M.B.A. , Diploma students are doing NDT training through a cheater consultancy , cheater training center ,because there is now a craze on doing training on NDT .
We are also cheated by training Institutions , Consultancy etc, so we are making you aware before you may get cheated.

B.TECH students don't do NDT training,your money will be wasted .

Just Read the Whole Blog Carefully please if you don't want to be cheated by training center/consultancy.

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