What Mentacore Does in Real Reviews Fraud Scam Cheat

Mentacore is charging per student Rs 30,000/- to Rs 60,000/- . They are cheating student .
Now, have a look what Mentacore does in real.
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1.Training on their Institute & Placement in Jamnagar:-

They give NDT Training and Certification on their Center. For this they pay a Level 3 person around Rs 10,000 (4,000 Rs for signature on certificate and Rs 6,000 for giving Lecture/Class to Students)per student.
Rs 30,000-Rs 10,000= Rs 20,000 is their neat profit. Then they send you to NDT Systems Pvt Ltd . This NDT Systems absorb you if you have NDT Level 2 certificates .This is Free of cost , This NDT System Pvt. Ltd will absorb you immediately if you have NDT level 2 certificates from anywhere.
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2.Training and Placement total on Jamnagar:-

If they send you directly on Jamnagar for both Training and Placement , then they are simply selling you to NDT Systems Pvt Ltd .Here you will be trained , certified and placed by NDT Systems Pvt Ltd . For this Mentacore is taking Rs 30,000/- from you, But they pay NDT Systems Pvt Ltd only Rs 15,000/- per student .Mentacore is working just as a middleman here and earning 15,000/- per student .You can do the same training and you can get the same placement from NDT Systems Pvt Ltd ,by directly paying NDT Systems Pvt Ltd only Rs 15,000 /- .
For this contact NDT Systems Pvt Ltd Click Here .
Contact NDT Systems Pvt Ltd / call them and hear the reality.

So, Mentacore is cheating you , fraud you  Rs 15,000/- to Rs 20,000 . 

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