What students actually gets from Mentacore scam fraud review

I think you already know/ read what Mentacore offers . If you don't know just Click Here to Read it.
Now I am going to discuss what students gets in reality .

  • Training by High Quality Level 3 persons:-

I do not know or I think Mentacore do not know what is High Quality Training . I don't think the training is high quality , the training will be given to you by some half knowledge persons in mentacore. If you do training in Mentacore ,one level 3 person, who FAILED the level 3 exam in LPT(Liquid Penetrate Testing), will give you the training, So, you can imagine how the classes will be taken by a Failure Level 3 person ,Ha Ha...
But , if you do classes in NDT Systems Pvt Ltd , you will get very good classes.

  • Good Job:-

You will get a job of a labour in RIL/L&T etc , Everybody will treat you as a daily worker/labour . I dont think It is a good job for a B.TECH/BE/DIPLOMA holders.

  • You will work in RIL under NDT Systems :-

Yes it is true , NDT Systems Pvt Ltd  gets projects from RIL/L&T etc on tender basis , you have to work under NDT Systems Pvt Ltd .

  • You can be absorbed by Reliance Petro:-

This is totally lie,.wrong , fraud, scam .YOU WILL NEVER BE ABSORBED BY RIL/L&T , You will only work as a labour in this giant industry.

  • AC Classroom:-

I didn't see any kind of AC machine in their classrooms

So, Mentacore is cheating you .

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