Today I am going to discuss about PCS Global / TPCS Global which claim themselves as a so called Good Company! But do you want to know ,what it is? Then carefully read the post and try to understand. You are welcome to make comments also.
Company Name:-
PCS Global / TPCS Global
Company Website http://www.pcsglobal.in/

It is fully fake / fraud company,you all are adviced not to waste your time and money in it!

Recruitment Process of PCS Global:-
I don't know why they demand themselves as a good company, their recruitment process is too funny! As its a fully fake company, this company made many fake facebook ids(I am going to give you some details about the fake facebook ids ).From their fake facebook id they will send you the friend request and they will ask your CV, then they will recruit you via FACEBOOK!!! 
Is it funny a company recruit via facebook?? There is something more!! Just continue reading.
After that they will send you friend request to your friends and they will recruit them too. They have unbelievable power to judge / taste the knowledge of a man by seeing someone's CV via facebook.
They know ECE students have better IQ levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In this picture you can see the comment of Amrita Sachdev , which is basically a fake profile made by PCS persons . They even do recruitment and company advertising using this fake ids!!

After recruitment they will give you 'training'. 
At this name of training they will make you work for them , and they will not give you any salary.
If you want salary ,they will want 20k as security deposit, then you may get 2k per month as salary! 
Now think yourself if there company is so good, why they hide themselves from their original facebook id? why they use fake id?
People came to know about this company , its was clear to everybody that it was a fake company , so it made a MCA registration ,which is not even 30 days old! (Most probably paying money it done the registration,so this company is in target to making money from fraud targeted victims).

They will tell you to see the facebook group named 'PCS GLOBAL PVT LTD' which has no/a few real facebook ids. All there are fake facebook ids to increase the group members.And in this group only admin can post something so, what they will post we have to blv !!

They demand that many working people have joined TCS , IBM bla bla ....we made an open challenge to them to prove it, but they failed!..
They never give their phone no, they never tell their real name!

  1. Amrita Sachdev
  2. Chiranjit De
  3. Sanjukta Kar
Anytime PCS global may recruit you via facebook!!!!

So, please be aware about this company, if you go to this company you must ask their real name and their real voter id xerox.

To see FULL Fake Company/Training Center/Consultancy List Click Here

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  1. Simayaa Technology , JDS house, sector5, Kolkata is a big scam. They intake the candidates as trainee. But after 6 months when the salary increment time comes they terminate the office colleagues. Their main motive is to get the output by spending less money. They have terminated so many people and without any reason. Not only they terminated but also they did not clear their salaries also. The candidates who give the resignation for joining the other company they don’t give the salary as well as the experienced certificate. There were 32 colleagues in their company. But now they have only 8 colleagues. They have given the administration post to the security whose main duty should be infront of the gate. The security informs to the supervisor who is doing what. And the supervisor dances on his words.
    The supervisors of the Simayaa Technologies have recently decided to change their company name and to change their domain. But they can’t change their names. They are Simanta Guha Roy and Sayantani Saha. They stay in Laketown, Kolkata. These two cheaters give the wrong information to the other companies’ supervisors about their colleagues if their company colleagues join in the other companies.