Today we are going to aware you about a more FAKE FRAUD Company named Solution Unlimited , Salt lake Sector -2.
About Company:-
Solution Unlimited
Saltlake Sector -2
The owner is Mr.Debjit Chakrobarty
Phone Number: 983190655
And the HR is Mr.Milton Biswas
Phone Number: 9748861258
This people are just disgusting will appoint everyone who goes for a job will pay you for the first month then will not give you salary and ask you to leave in any field.
News sourece :- From a ex-employee of the Comapny.
Now let us read what the ex-employee telling about the company.

"This is Mr. XYZ (ex-employee of Solution Unlimited) want to enlist the name of Solution Unlimited as a most disgusting Company in Saltlake Sector -2.
They appoint employees Pay them salary for the first month on right time but from the second month onwards they did not pay any salary and give excuses that there are no projects but the employees can see that they are not siting ideal every now and then new project work is being done.
Moreover they have money for all parties at weekend, trip to digha with employees but no money to pay to employees salary.When the employee ask for the salary they ask them to leave the company on 2 days notice.I think this is the most fraud employers in Saltlake."

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