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Hello everybody :-)
I am writing this blog again almost after 3 years. In last three years , I was unable to post in this blog, as my carrier was unstable , I was demotivated after cheated by some consultancy. After a lot of  hard work,patience,dedication , NOW I am a government servant... YES now I am a Executive Officer of Central Govt of India. Thanks to all of my well wisher , god and family. Anyway , I did not forgot my past frustrating life,which taught me a lot.
At 2013 there was a boom of fake consultancy,company etc. Even they have done campus recruitment also.. :-o
 In the year 2013 the number of placement,campus recruitment  all went down, (TCS recuited only 10% as compared to 2012).
In maximum college, almost 80-90 % student passed out without a job (me too). So, there was a new trend, fake consultancy business.

They just make cash people's inability (Like the 'oil' helps you to grow new hair, the powder helps you to become more taller, the cream helps you to be fairer ..but really they do?? ).
In 2013, the fb review, blog review was not so much famous ...still I tried my best to help out others by creating this blog.
I am receiving 'Thank you' mails in my inbox till today.
Those mails are great blessings for me (I believe those well wishes also helped me a lot to secure a GOVT. JOB in OFFICER CADRE ).
But its now 2016, scenario has been changed, there are many fb reviews, helping groups, bla bla bla..
Still the student are getting cheated by the consultancy? Why? The answer is 'GREED' , yes Greed.
Then mentality to become successful without any hard work.
But we have to keep in mind that without hard work you will not be successful.
Thank you All.
Its the time to aware all of you about a new FAKE CONSULTANCY   i.e. SOUVENIR GROUP.
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