Today I am going to aware about a FKE FRAUD CONSULTANCY  SOUVENIR GROUP.

About Company:-
Company Name:-
Souvenir Cap Realty Pvt. Ltd.
Souvenir Creers

Company Website:-
Company Facebook Page:-

Adress:- Saltee Plaza 1st floor Unit 10 ,1Khudiram Bose Sarani(mall road) Dum Dum, Nagerbazar,kol-80,Beside ILS Hospital.

Lets Begin to read an experience, which will help us to understand the reality.

I would like to draw the attention of yours towards this job placement company called SOUVENIR GROUP, Saltee Plaza 1st floor Unit 10 ,1 Khudiram Bose Sarani(mall road) Dum Dum, Nagerbazar,kol-80,Beside ILS Hospital. This company will claim to set your interview with other companies like Amazon, wipro etc etc. They will also charge 500 Rs. For the first round interview which will be held in their office of dumdum nagerbazar (the address which I have mentioned). The first round interview is nothing but they will literally beg of u to take the job also will try to find some flaws in you, so that u loose some confidence and then they will tell u to brush yourself up because they will fix your final round interview with those companies within three to four days and as soon as you start to think that okay! this is going well, they will ask money from you which is the 50℅ of your salary that too before getting the job. They be like " see the companies are not giving us any money for recruiting, so as soon as u sit for the final round interview with the companies directly and salary is negotiated, you have to pay us 50% of your salary on that day." I tell you those 50% of salary is just the first installment, there are other installments too which u have to give one by one. This is a #FRAUD recruiting company. And also they will make you sign a paper before leaving that Nagerbazar office, where it is written that if any candidate sit for the final round interview and deny to give them those money, they r gonna take legal actions against that candidate. So, please if u have attended the first round interview and don't want to loose your hard-earned money, don't attend the final round interview or else they will suck everything from you and you will be left with nothing. i was interviewd for CSE post in amazon ,kolkata, sector v. Later i found out there is no amazon office in kolkata.#SHARE #THIS as much as you can, so that other job seekers don't fall into their trap.""

 ""I would like add up some more points that they told me the joining is within 48 hours and also after sharing this post they threatened me in the name of the police and accused me of doing cyber crime, so I panicked at first. Then I realized they have done this thing with other candidates as well.""
I think you are smart enough to understand everything about the company. If you still ask wheter  the company is fake or not after reading this, I dont have anything to say, you may take your own risk.
Thank You :-) 

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